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Full Name: Tamsin Nicole MacLean
Pronunciation of names: Tam-zin | Nee-coal | Mah-clane
Title: Miss
Nickname(s): Tammy, Tim-Tam
Sex: Female
Race/species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 15
Birth date: March 18th, 1997
Birth place: Glasgow, Scotland
Orientation/Sexual preference: Heterosexual

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 114lbs
Shoe size: UK 5
Cup size: 32C-D
Blood type: AB

Describe their voice: Warm, alto-ish (medium-high range), somewhat gruff when the Scottish accent shines through
Do they sing?: When alone
If they sing, are they good at it?: Yes

Eye colour(s): Blue
Contacts?: None
Glasses?: None
Is this eye colour uncommon?: No

Face shape: Heart
Describe their eyes: Somewhat big and wide, but not excessively so
Describe their nose: Moderately wide nose bridge, pointed pudgy end (like my nose only a tad thinner)
Describe their lips: Small, usually chapped
Ears: Back tip is curved inwards; they look elven from the front but round from the side

Body build: Curvy/hourglass
Posture: Slouched, but not hunch-backed
How they smile: Warmly and in a friendly manner, usually able to put anyone at ease
Describe how they walk: Speedy and light-footed.

Right/left handed: Right-handed
Hand description: Long, elegant fingers fitted on a small frame.

Hair colour(s): Auburn
Hair length: A bit above jaw-length
How thick?: Layered but still voluptuous

Skin colour: Ivory
Scars: Assorted cuts and grazes and scars on elbows, forearms, entire legs and most of all knees. Also a small scar on cupid's bow
Cause of scar(s): Roller/ice skating accidents. Irrelevant scar was caused by tripping and landing face-first in concrete aged 6.
Birthmarks: Brown blotch on right hip

Accessories: None discernible, apart from a headband.
Describe an outfit they would wear: Tank top and shorts
Why do they have this clothing preference?: She gets hot easily, plus shorts are easy to move around in.


Mental disorder(s): --
Cause: --
Mental stability: Slowly declining during adolescent years

Personality snapshot: Friendly, warm, open-minded, sporty
Most prominent personality trait: Eagerness/friendliness
Best traits of their personality: She's always open and tries to befriend everybody.
Worst traits of their personality: Forwardness
What caused this kind of personality to form?: Born that way?

Emotional trauma: It's not necessarily trauma, but about a year and a half ago, Tamsin was "dating" a boy who turned out to have brain cancer. It wasn't a hardcore relationship since she was only 13, and it wasn't necessarily "love", but they were close friends who stood by each other through everything. Before he died, she shaved her head to show her support, but he died a week afterwards.
How do they respond when the trauma issue is talked about/touched on?: She ignores the question completely. If prodded at, she becomes violent and forceful.
Drugs they take/have taken/or do: Nurofen syrup (Australian pain-reliever)
Reason for drug use: She's somewhat addicted to it, mainly because of the taste.


Long term goals: Live life and not give a shit about consequences
Why?: She knows how short life can be and doesn't want regret getting in her way.
Short term goals: Clean up her academic failure and get organised.
Why?: Wants to impress and me. And Thomas /shot

Where they're from: Earth
What country?: Scotland
City?: Glasgow
Current residence: Orlando, Florida


Marital status: Single

Parents: Rhiannon Strachan (mother), Scotland of Hetalia (father)
Siblings of your OC: Dylan and Robert Brunswick (half-brothers, younger), Pastri Thomassen (half-sister, youngest)
View on friends: She believes they are an important part of life and are essential to being happy.

What education level do they have right now?: Secondary
College/Academy attended: Jefferson High

Up close and personal

Biggest phobias: Being rejected/not accepted/having her friendliness declined
How often does this fear take a toll on them?: Not very often, but often enough.

Bad habits: Forward, stares at people's legs

Eating habits: Average eating patterns
Eating disorder(s): --
History of eating disorders:  She never had a real eating disorder, but for about two days she tried not to eat to be skinny. She couldn't stand being away from food though

Sleeping habits: Tosses and turns.
Insomniac?: Yes

Abilities: --
Are these powers inherited generation to generation?: --
Special skills: Roller-blading, ice-skating, swimming, clarinet
Hobbies: Clarinet, drawing, dancing and singing

Favourite food: Mango chicken curry
Least favourite food: Beans
Can they cook?: Somewhat

What is their favourite colour?: Mint
Least favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite animal: Hamster
Pet(s): Betsy (Red Australian Cattle dog)


Food: Mango chicken curry
Drink: Shirley Temple/Firetruck (lemonade and grenadine)
Colour: Mint
Type of music: Funk, breakbeats, ACID jazz, etc.
Animal: Hamster
Traits for a lover: Caring, understanding, warm
Body part: Legs

Least favourite:
Food: Beans
Drink: Fanta/orange soda
Colour: Yellow
Type of music: Boy bands
Animal: Cat
Traits for a lover: Ignorance, lack of interest, distance
Body part: Toes
UHDSJKF it's done

my little Tammy

NatyHibou Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
God I need to finish the rest of my profiles shit -shot-
But seriously, this is awesome <3333333333333333333
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